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How to print scarves on the fabrics? China scarf factory


In general for most people who just start up their fashion careers, they have confidence on what they will do, but always get diappointed answers from their suppliers that order quantity is too small to produce or you must pay more. Will you plan to give up your dreams, we will tell you, no, because LONGLAND will support you.

Why not try the digital printed way? the digital printing machines work like a printer, the fabrics like the white paper, your artworks like a photo, we will help use the printer to help you print your artworks / photos on the fabrics and then cut and sew into scarves.

Digital printed machines.jpg

Refer the color quantity

Compared with the ordinary flat or rotary printing machines, which have maximum colors with 14 and 12, the digital printed way won't limit with colors quantity.

Refer the environmental protection

The flat screen or rotary screen printed way need the dyes, which will cause largely pollution, but digital printed influence a little refer the air or water, which are very popular printed way that apply for the present fashion industry.

Delivery time for the samples and production

For the screen printing scarves, most scarf factories need at least 20 days for the new samples and 45 days for the production, but in LONGLAND, only take about 12 days for the new samples and 35 days for the bulk.

If use the digital printed way, new samples only take about 7 days to 10 days, bulk take about 20 days to 25 days, workable for the fast fashion.

Permeation between the digital printed and screen printed

At present he most hard problems for most digital printed factories are how to control the permeation, which most clients concern, like a printer print the words or photo on the white paper, the words or photo is not easy to permeat from the front side to the back side, but LONGLAND solve this problem, our technique can realize the words and photos are almost same for the front side and back side.

MOQ for the digital printed scarves and screen printed scarves

Since the screen printed scarves need to open the screens before do the samples, for example, there're 14 colors on your scarf, that means need to open 14 screens, which will cost a lot for the new sampling costs, even if do one sample, which lead the high quantity for the bulk, if use the screen printed scarves or too high price for each scarf.

But for the digital printed scarves, since like a printer, one piece also can do without any minmum order quantity limitation, save a lot for the new samples, most clients prefer this way while they want to see the whole printed scarf effect before do the bulk.

digital printed machines-01.jpg

Costs for the digital printed scarves and screen printed scarves

With the development of the digital printed technique, the costs will low down, at present most clients choose this way while they do the high end scarves, such as the silk scarf, cotton scarf, silk / cotton scarf, cashmere scarf, cashmere / silk scarf, etc.

As a professional scarf factory, we're professional in the flat and rotary screen printing scarves, digital printed scarves, hand-painting scarves, dyed scarves, tie-dye scarves, etc. any scarf inquiry? Just feel free to email or call us directly.