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China scarf factory custom photo printed scarves through heat transfer


China scarf factory custom photo printed scarves through heat transfer


Heat transfer is a kind of digital printed tech, mainly use for the polyester materials, such as polyester voile, polyester satin, polyester chiffon, polyester herringbone, polyester crepe de chine, etc.

Process 01

Print the patterns on the papers like the printer.

This process is very important to the quality, especially for the colors saturation and permeation, mainly depend on the inks and papers quality.


Process 02

Transfer the patterns from the papers to the fabrics

Through the super high temperature and heavy pressure, the patterns will transfer from the papers to the fabrics, better quality papers and slow speed of the machines can get better colors effects on the fabrics.


Put the printed paper on the table as flat as possibleblob.png


Place the fabrics above and close to the papers


Step 03 

Finally patterns on the fabrics through high temperature and heavy pressure


At last you will get the custom photos / patterns from the arts to the fabrics.

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